Current Version

v1.0.0 ~ v1.0.1.10

What's New?

  • Two levels are being made at the same time, one is easy, the other is normal. There is a third level on draft already.
    • The first level, Experience, was done and released at the 14th of June, 2020.
    • The second level, City, was done and released at the 1st of July, 2020.
  • Made an UI, then remade a brand new one. Keeps the old Dancing Line feeling while not completely copying it.
    • The UI has been constantly updating.
    • Nearly 6 out of the 10 updates are UI fixing.


  • The very first level, also the easiest level, Experience. This is how it look like when first built. Read more about the level here.

    The very first looking of Experience

  • The second level, City. This image is the beginning of the level. Read more about the level here.

A sneak peek of the level City.

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