City is the 2nd level made in A Line's Journey. It is a normal level.


Facts and Trivia

  • This level is the first level to use Rolling Sky's soundtrack.
  • This level is the first level to introduce teleports.
  • This level is the first level to jump without jump pads.
  • Despite the teleportation and changing of scenes, the colour of the line does not change at all.
    • It is yellow throughout the entire level.
  • At the second scene during the swimming pool, there are two ways.
    • If you choose to go straight on the wooden bridge, the two lifebuoy floats up and the cube falls into the water.
    • If you choose to hit the surf board, the surf board will fall down and cause a chain reaction. The ball will get hit and it will jump up, sending the line flying. Then it gets the cube pushed away by the boat for you to collect it.
    • You will only get the sphere if you hit the surf board.
  • The Percentage Mark 50% was removed.
    • Before the Early Access release, it was on the very side of the wide road where cubes are dancing, it is facing 90 degrees to the right (view from camera), and [the view] will [sometimes] be blocked by houses.
    • During the Early Access release, it was removed.
    • After the Early Access release (Official Release), it was added back at the same spot. Only this time it is facing towards the camera and is more visible.


  • To get the first sphere, go into the shaft and get teleported up the tree trunk. (Scene 1)
  • To get the second sphere, choose the path of the surf board. (Scene 2)
  • To get the third sphere, knock down the red sign. (Scene 3)

Percentage Marks

The Percentage Marks not shown in the level are 10%, 30%, 50%

  • 20% - Shown on the house next to the cave before teleporting to the second scene.
  • 40% - Shown on the sign in the bus stop, at the beginning of the third scene.
  • 50% - Was on the very right side of the wide road during the cube in the third scene (REMOVED).
  • 60% - Shown at the bottom of the blue house.
  • 70% - Shown on the border of the road in the third scene.



A sneak peek sent before the official release

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