Experience is the 1st level made in A Line's Journey. It is a normal level.


Facts and Trivia

  • This level is the first level to be made in A Line's Journey.
  • This level starts purple, then turns blue during 20%, and back to purple during 80%.
  • This level consists of numerous pillars, either rising or falling.
  • This level was shorten for it needs to be a "beginner's level", which is also why the roads are shown obviously.
    • The original length is approximately 3~4 minutes.
    • The “beginner’s level” has been replaced with Hamlet, which is short and extremely easy.
  • This level has changed completely throughout designing.
  • The Percentage Mark of 10% was put on a road, but was later removed.
  • The Percentage Mark of 30% was on the floor and covered by a pillar that pops out later on, but changed to be like The Percentage Mark of 40%.
  • The paths in this level are wide. There are also darker-coloured roads guiding the player through the easy way of the level.
  • There used to be a dual line at the end of the level, but was removed.
  • There is a quote on the ending pyramid.
    • It says "Experience, is not imagination."
    • This is also the first level to have ending quotes.


  • To get the first sphere, tap while collecting the second cube (in mid-air) to reveal the secret path
  • To get the second sphere, right before The Percentage Mark of 30%, go through the gap between the two walls and chase the runaway sphere.
  • To get the third sphere, follow the rhythm and tap on the pillar that popped up.

Percentage Marks

The Percentage Marks not shown in the level are 10%, 20%, 70%, 80%, 90%

  • 30% - Pops out with the pillar after the third cube.
  • 40% - Pops out with the pillar near the fourth cube.
  • 50% - Shown on the wall falling into the floor.
  • 60% - Shown on the fourth pillar (the one sliding away from the camera).




The very first look of the level

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