Vacation is the 3rd level made in A Line's Journey. It is a normal level.



Facts and Trivia

  • This level has replaced Experience for “beginner’s level”.
  • This is the first level to have tap guides.
  • This level has a lot in common with City.
    • The second level to use Rolling Sky's soundtrack.
    • The second level with teleports. There are 3 differences between City and Vacation while teleporting.
      • Vacation has white screens while teleporting, but City does not.
      • The line colour changes while teleporting in Vacation, but not in City.
      • The scene changes if teleported in City, with the exception of the first sphere; in Vacation, Beach (Scene 2) switches to Park (Scene 3) without teleporting, and the line changes colour from Blue to White.
    • The second level to jump without jump pads.
    • Both levels feature water, and will have reflections in High Quality and above.


  • To get the first sphere, go through the sign when about to switch scene to Park. (Scene 2 ~ 3)
  • To get the second sphere, go on top of the starfish. (Scene 5)
  • To get the third sphere, . (Scene 5)

Percentage Marks

The Percentage Marks not shown in the level are





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